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Trial mandate

We suggest all new clients start with a 40-hour trial mandate for analysis. This is the smallest package we offer, and is designed expressly for new clients.

Seeing as all business relations are based on trust, we want to show you the value of partnering with us. We offer all our new clients a 40-hour analysis trial, which allows you to predict the returns of future mandates.



of analysis period


We guarantee a minimum of 4 appointments 

All our new clients clear the opening fees of $575 in order to start with us. This allows us to take the time to get acquainted with your business, your competitors, and the services you offer. Afterward, we create an informational e-mail and an enticing script for you, so you can feel confident in approaching other businesses.

Note that these fees will never have to be renewed, not even after years of interruption. We are committed to your success.

Trial mandate


4 appointments guaranteed

40 hours of calling per month

Opening a file for your company 

Study of your market positioning

Comprehensive study of your product and your competitors

Writing of an informative e-mail

Creation of an effective approach for cold calls


Follow up emails

Regular reports

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How does that sound?

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